Equipment Simulations LLC develops e-Learning to teach and assess equipment operation skills using a 'learn by doing' approach, which replicates on-the-job experience, but in a safe and measurable way. Almost all e-Learning vendors today claim to build simulations, but we literally wrote the book on the subject. We even teach others how to do it.

This CD contains a sampling of the equipment simulations and training modules we have built for our clients. Click on an image to open the corresponding presentation or simulator. For more information about Equipment Simulations LLC and our work, please visit our web site at

Newport HT50 Virtual Ventilator
Training and Competency Assessment
Simple UHF Radio built with AEgis Technologies as part of a larger training system
CommandSim: Collaborative training for Command & Control
Basic Circuit Trainer
Nihon-Kohden Bedside Monitor
Simulator built for HealthStream, which developed the instruction
Nihon-Kohden Central Nursing Station Monitor Simulator built for HealthStream, which developed the instruction
CPAP-OS by Emergency Respiratory Products. Product launch materials
Wantagh IQ Non-invasive cardiac output monitor and in-service.
Simulated interaction from segment of Bayer Diagnostics' Advia S60
Pneumatics training example from Boeing 737-400
Elevator training for firefighters using elevator's Fire Mode. Graphics and navigation built by Orange County Fire Rescue, Elevator Simulator built by Equipment Simulations LLC
Simple traffic light simulator. Built as example of Equipment Simulations' rapid simulator-building methodologies.
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